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BOXING: Slipping punches? Part 2 by Leon

Excerpted from

Slipping punches? Part 2 
By Leon


Sweet Science 101 for this skill starts with the double end bag [d.e.b.]. Your bag set up must be set up so that the bag isn't too fast. Different tightness for different stages in athleticism is the idea.

Jab the d.e.b. standing profile, but out of the pocket or crease, foot placement wise...think of the d.e.b as the right hand of someone holding the pads, also think of your left foot forward as being right in front of imaginary opponents lead foot [the secret to the d.e.b. is hitting it so it comes back in a straight line]. When it comes back slip to the left [simulates slipping a right hand], slip to the right [simulates slipping a jab], then slip left again and start over but now start on the right so its like: jab, slip right, left, right...instead of jab, slip left, right, left. Do sets of the aforementioned 3 slips for every jab. Its a good idea to be closer to the bag then normal for this drill.

Once you get comfortable then you can drop counters. Jab then slip then throw one counter to start. E.G.: Jab, slip left, throw left uppercut or left hook as your body is in position. Then try jab, slip right, throw right uppercut. Slipping the right hand and throwing the left uppercut is basic countering...same goes for slipping the jab and throwing the right uppercut under it.


Try this old D'Amato two man drill. Your partner [wearing only jab glove] throws jabs going backwards, starting slow and increasing speed as deemed fit. Jab is thrown, then you shuffle in [either start on left or right...doesn't matter] and slip in three's but stepping forward with every slip. This is peek-a-boo training. The footwork is a bit tricky but once you get it this is a nice one. You can also start with your partner not moving backward and do sets of 3 slips then reset in a static position.

Common Counters:

1. Jab.
Slip to right and throw right uppercut [body or head]. Another is to get under the jab to the face and counter jab to the body. Very safe and easy to pull off. More advanced is slip left and throw vertical left uppercut to chin through guard.

2. Straight Right.
Slip left and throw:
  • left uppercut to body,
  • OR left hook to head or body,
  • OR straight right to body.

Those are the basics.



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