Wednesday, November 21, 2012

UFC 154 - Georges St. Pierre X Carlos Condit Highlights (Animated GIF's)

Georges St. Pierre, the Welterweight Champion, had a 19 months layoff due to a torn ACL. This past Saturday he fought Carlos Condit, the Interim Welterweight Champion. GSP was in fine form and that right knee was 100%. 

I made some animated GIF's of the highlights of the fight. Count 'em! Not one, not two, not three even... eight I tell ya! Eight animated GIF's for your viewing pleasure.


Round 1 

GSP's elbow opens a cut near Condit's right eye.

Call me silly I liked this oblique kick/high kick to the head combo - bad feint/setup by Condit though ... his combo was on autopilot and he didn't make adjustments in READING the situation ... GSP wasn't fooled.

Round 2

Check out GSP's impeccable timing!

Round 3

Again, silly me, I liked the look of this jab/spinning back kick combo as it looked like it could KO anyone, but Condit didn't feint well and GSP saw it a mile away. I feel Condit didn't 'sell' the Jab.

This jab/cross/high round kick to the head was Condit's best chance to win. He knocked down GSP with it. GSP during the post-fight interview said that Condit punched him in the eye earlier and he literally didn't see the kick that knocked him down.

After Condit's combo above, GSP replies later in Round 3 with this perfectly-executed double-leg takedown after he sets it up with a few punches not shown in the GIF. GSP was 7 for 7 in takedowns.

Please scroll down for the winner of this fight...

The Fight went the distance through 5 rounds. GSP by Uanamious Decision.



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