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UFC 44: Randy Couture X Tito Ortiz - 2nd set of GIF's

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of the historic matchup between 2 popular UFC champions. I made animated GIF's from Rounds 1-2. If you missed that entry, please check out:

Today I have animated GIFs from Rounds 3-5 for your stroll down memory lane.

Hard to believe it was 10 years ago and 121 UFC's ago!


Round 3 - An opening flurry with a rare kick from Randy!

Tito was determined to get this takedown. IIRC, this was Tito's only takedown.

Round 4 - Randy's Ground and Pound

Round 5 - One more takedown for good measure

The Spanking

In Randy Couture's autobiography, he wrote this about the spanking:

Time was running out for Ortiz. By the fifth round, he was desperate and needed a knockout or a submission if he was going to pull off the win. on the mat underneath me, he tried to roll to a kneebar, but I ended up sitting on his thighs and turned my body at an angle so he couldn't finish the move. The only thing I could see was his butt staring up at me. I couldn't go anywhere else myself, and it just popped into my head to spank him on the ass.

I didn't think about it much at the time, and later people told me they had thought I had tapped out to the submission. Thank God referee John McCarthy knew what he was watching and saw that Ortiz had nothing on me. We ended up scrambling for the remaining few seconds, but Ortiz had nothing to stop me with. The bell rang.

I have to give Ortiz credit because he never did break. I felt him teetering in the fourth and fifth rounds. I felt him struggling, but then he'd get pissed off and fight back. he refused to go down, and I respected that.

"Becoming the Natural:  My Life In and out of the Cage"
By Randy Couture with Loretta Hunt
Simon Spotlight Entertainment
Copyright 2008
ISBN-13:  978-1-4169-5780-5
ISBN-10:          1-4169-5780-4
Page 180

For further info:

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