Saturday, June 22, 2013

Randy Couture's Dirty Boxing animated GIF's

In celebration of Randy Couture's 50th Birthday today, I've made some animated GIF's of "The Natural" in action. I am also going to post some Technical Commentary by my friend Joe Silvia where appropriate.

First up, call it what you want:  Dirty Boxing, Fibbing, Attached Striking, Striking from the Clinch, etc. I call it "Randy-riffic"!  Randy Couture was one of the first if not THE first to do what he is so good at doing - striking while clinched, what many are calling Dirty Boxing, or as the oldtimer pugilists called it - "Fibbing".

Here are 2 GIF's:

UFC 15 - Randy Couture vs Vitor Belfort I

UFC 31 - Randy Couture x Pedro Rizzo I

Joe Silvia:  "Randy was one of the best fibbers. Funny thing is in this GIF Pedro has a dominant tie-up but he can't pull Randy's chin to his sternum because Randy's wrestling neck. BEAST."

Will be working on more GIF's of The Natural's Takedowns. Check back soon.

Wishing my most favorite MMA fighter the Happiest of Birthdays today!


My sincerest gratitude to Joe Silvia for his Technical Commentary.

You can contact Joe care of:

Hematoma Fight Club
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Phone    1 (508) 525-9390
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