Wednesday, June 19, 2013

UFC 161 - Pat Barry X Shawn Jordan

Of the 11 fights on this past Saturday's UFC 161 card, 9 went to decision, one was a submission, and one TKO. 2 Heavyweights fought in that fight which ended in TKO - Pat Barry and Shawn Jordan. I made 5 animated GIF's for your viewing pleasure!

Here's Shawn Jordan all over Pat Barry in Real-Time.

Slomo's from 3 different angles

Check out this technique by Shawn Jordan. In Wing Chun Kuen it's called a "Pak Da" (slap-hit) and in Boxing it's probably called a Pat and Left Cross. I made a GIF showing the Pak Da in 3 speeds.

This fight won Knockout of the Night! Congratulations to Shawn Jordan on an impressive win.



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