Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MMA: Mitch Jackson vs Pedro Munhoz

Last Friday, June 21, Pedro Munhoz (7-0) faced Mitch Jackson (20-3) in Resurrection Fighting Alliance #8 at 135 lbs.

I first heard of this up-and-comer, Pedro Munhoz, via Guro Marc Denny (aka Crafty Dog of the Dog Brothers). Guro Denny is coaching Munhoz in Kali Tudo (tm) a little over for a year. Kali Tudo is the MMA portion of Dog Brothers Martial Arts. This fight didn't feature any Kali Tudo usage though. Overall, still a great fight with a nice finish.

Congratulations to Pedro Munhoz!! Looking forward to his future fights.

I made 3 animated GIF's - the realtime finish and 2 slomo. Enjoy!

Here is the fight in full.

Mitch Jackson vs Pedro Munhoz

Munhoz speaking about Kali Tudo.

Pedro Munhoz on Dog Brothers Martial Arts - Kali Tudo

For more information on the Kali Tudo DVD or other DVD's, please check out:

For more information on Pedro Munhoz:


Anonymous said...

The Mitch Jackson vs Pedro Munhoz video is private, and can't be viewed.

Any chance of you posting a publically viewable version?

Stickgrappler said...

Hi - sorry. It was public before. I don't have the vid. Will look around. Thx for heads-up


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