Tuesday, June 25, 2013

IN MEMORY OF: Lau Kar Leung (July 28, 1936 – June 25, 2013)

It is with deep sadness I report that the famed director/actor/choreographer/martial artist Lau Kar Leung lost his long hard-fought battle with leukemia. Teary-eyed as I type this.

Doh jeh for the memories and inspiration Lau sifu.

He was probably best known for the oldschool Shaw Brothers classic, 36th Chamber of Shaolin (aka Master Killer), but he directed/choreographed in so many of the oldschool Shaw movies including Shaolin Mantis, Challenge of the Masters, Invincible Pole Fighter, Drunken Monkey, Heroes Two, Heroes of the East and even starred in Mad Monkey Kung Fu plus many, many more.

Check out this clip that Lau sifu and his brother put on:

Real Monkey Kung Fu fight-Demo Lau Kar Leung and Lau Kar Wing

For more info:

My deepest and sincerest condolences to his loved ones, associates, students and fans.

RIP Lau sifu 

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