Monday, June 10, 2013

BIRTHDAY: Today marks the 177th birthday of Yamaoka Tesshu!

Yamaoka Tesshu (June 10, 1836 – July 19, 1888)

Tesshu, when he was younger, was very much a braggart and had to win at everything. One of my favorite anecdotes about him.

Regardless of what it was, Tesshu did not like to be second to anyone.


There are other examples of Tesshu's dare-taking. Young swordsmen of his day liked to brag about how much they could eat and drink. An acquaintance boasted to Tesshu, "I ate thirty hard-boiled eggs at one sitting."

"Only thirty?" Tesshu raised his eyebrows. "You should be able to eat fifty. I can eat a hundred."

"Really?," the acquaintance challenged Tesshu. A hundred hard-boiled eggs were brought and Tesshu gulped them down in front of several witnesses. Tesshu returned home and vomited for the next three days.

The Sword of No-Sword:  Life of the Master Warrior Tesshu
John Stevens
Pages 8-9

Happy 177th Birthday Yamaoka Tesshu-sama!

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