Saturday, June 29, 2013

Randy Couture's Takedowns Animated GIF's Set 1

Last Saturday, June 22, was Randy Couture's 50th birthday! Hope he had a bash on that most blessed of days!

Apologies to my readers for the tardiness. As promised from my Randy Couture's Dirty Boxing animated GIF's post, here is Randy's Takedowns Animated GIF's Set 1. I took the liberty to include Technical Commmentary from my friend Joe Silvia (aka Ausgepicht on some mixed martial arts forums) who is a MMA coach.


UFC 28-Randy Couture vs Kevin Randleman

UFC 39-Randy Couture x Ricco Rodriguez

Joe Silvia on the above 2 GIF's:

The rest of the footsweeps show you that there is a LOT that Freestyle has to offer that people aren't even aware of.

UFC 44 - Randy Couture X Tito Ortiz

Joe Silvia:

Actually that is a botched takedown that worked in spite. Randy wanted to step his left foot deeper behind Tito's right leg. Hard to see why he couldn't/didn't do of those unseen variables. Could have been a weight shift from either one, fatigue causing him to misjudge or just Murphy's Law. It even looks like his foot skids, maybe on sweat.

It still worked because Randy had a base camp and had Tito's completely destroyed.

UFC 68 - Randy Couture X Tim Sylvia Rd 4

Joe Silvia:

Couture goes for a classic/textbook shin box. Some wrestling circles call it a back heel - in the block family. This is the first double leg on my curriculum that everyone learns due to how easy it is to convey to a noob. It's also effective up to the highest levels of competition as clearly shown by Couture.

UFC 68 - Randy Couture X Tim Sylvia Rd 5

Joe Silvia:

Couture does a penetration step so he can get his hips under Tim's and take control of center mass. When you are connected to an opponent, the two of you become a union, or one mass. He who controls the center of this mass runs the show.

Once Handy has center mass, he follows the next fundamental: canting and tiliting to set up the takedown. This is called Kazushi (sp?) in Judo. You need to attack his base camp....his posture, breathing, and alignment. When you have done that you THEN bring him towards one of the triangle points.

You'll notice in this case, since they are now ONE mass, the triangle point that Couture brings Tim towards is a 3 dimensional one that they are all unions do....share. The base of this triangle is Handy's right foot and Tim's right foot. When Handy broke Tim's alignment (spine to head axis) he twisted which lifted Tim's left foot off the ground. He in essence replaced Tim's base with half his own by forcing Tim to use Randy's right foot as a stabilizer instead of his own left foot. Problem for Tim here, is that he is using Handy's right foot as a stabilizer and Handy want's him on the ground.

Tim could prevent this, but he has no base camp to work with. No posture, no alignment. Handy owns center mass.

Again, I hope Randy had a blast on his 50th birthday. Also I hope my readers enjoyed the GIF's.



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