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Vunak's Top 50 Combat Secrets Ch. 28

Chapter 28: Quieting the Mind: Physical Meditation with Ancient Indian Exercises

Dands(Hindu Push-Up) and Bethaks(Hindu Squat) are two ancient Indian bodyweight exercises that are the core of the Action Strength training system. They are designed to develop strength, flexibility and unite the mind, body and breath into one complete functioning unit.

Dands are jackknife style push-ups and Bhetaks are comparable to deep knee bends. These two exercises when done together provide a complete body workout and can be done anywhere at anytime.

The most important feature of dands and bethaks is that they should be performed rhythmically and at a steady pace. The performance of thousands of repetitions of these two exercises produces a trance like mental state. The dands and bhetaks transport the practitioner into an altered state of consciousness from which he or she can derive great strength, focus and mental clarity. It is like doing a physical meditation.

From a standing position with feet set shoulder width apart, squat down onto the balls of your feet, while lifting the heels clearly off of the floor. From here push yourself up back to the start position(standing) but do not let your heels touch the ground.

Make sure that when you squat down that your knees track in front of your feet. Don’t let your legs bow in or out. Keep your back straight and abdominals tensed the whole time. Your arms should be relaxed and sway back and forth with the movement of the body to help you keep your balance. Your hands sway back before you drop down into .... the squat (they naturally sway back to the start position as you stand back up).

Indian wrestling champions would do between 2 and 3 thousand a day. Average wrestlers would do between 500-1000 a day.

One starts a Dand face down, in the push up position by placing their arms slightly wider than shoulder width, and their feet are placed slightly wider than the width of their arms. To begin, one cocks the body back by lifting one’s buttocks into the air while straightening both arms and legs. Then by bending at the elbows, one dives forward so that the chest glides between the palms close to the ground. One then arches up while straightening the arms and thrusting the pelvis down towards the ground. One then re-cocks the body to the starting position. At no time does your back arch, or bend, it must be kept in straight line at all times.

In the traditional training method one should do half as many dands as bhetaks. Wrestling champions would do between 1000-1500 a day.

Here is a Classical Training Progression that provides a road map from beginner to champion wrestler.

5 Sets of 15 Dands and 30 Bhetaks (Beginner)
5 Sets of 25 Dands and 50 Bhetaks
5 Sets of 50 Dands and 100 Bhetaks
5 Sets of 100 Dands and 200 Bhetaks
5 Sets of 200 Dands and 400 Bhetaks (Champion Wrestler)

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