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Vunak's Top 50 Combat Secrets Ch. 24

Chapter 24 – The Missile, Boxing’s Greatest Move

In this chapter we are going to be isolating the art of western boxing… In the art of western boxing there are typically 5 blows that are thrown. Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut, and Overhand. These 5 blows all start slightly different.

With the exception of the jab (which can usually be thrown without a telegraph), the other 4 boxing strikes are all launched slightly different. This slight differentiation, pro boxers can pick up as a telegraph. Therefore, in most cases to remedy this, they precede each of these blows with a jab. Jab-Cross, Jab-Cross-Hook, Jab-Hook-Cross, etc… The problem with this, is when both people get stuck in this cadence. And typically find themselves at a conundrum, where nothing is landing. There are however, some folks at such a high level of boxing, they have found little tricks to work around this.

The single most potent, and affective trick I call the missile. The missile is a posture that professional fighters find themselves in. This posture also serves as a non telegraphic “delivery system” by which most of boxing strikes can be launched.

Step 1: Get in a perfect fighting stance. Rear hand on the telephone, front hand equal to the nose, elbows in, knees bent, etc… Now keeping perfect form, push off your rear leg, and attempt to head butt his chest with the top of your head. To train this properly, I would move around and put in a minimum of 10 3 minute rounds, doing nothing but repeating this precise move. Over and over again. While boxing lightly. It is important to know, the person doing the drill, should not work any offense. Just footwork, slip, bob, weave, duck, and hit your training partner in the chest with your missile. (When one actually makes contact with our training partner, and the top of our head actually smashes the chest. Our spine should be as horizontal as possible. (Think of yourself as a bull and you went to gore your training partner in the chest).

Step 2: Now the fun begins. And we get to launch our weapons (If you execute this properly, it is next to impossible for the opponent to see your strikes). Do the exact same drill, and one nanosecond before your head hits your training partner’s chest, fire a cross ! Now move around some more, launch your missile, and this time, one nanosecond before the top of your head hits his chest, launch an overhand. Now when you move around for the third time, and you launch your missile, this time your training partner has absolutely no way of knowing if the cross or the overhand is going to come. This time your training partner, must have a crystal ball. Actually, he must have more than one crystal ball. As you move around with your training partner for the 4th time, launch your missile, instead of a cross, instead of an overhand, you launch a horizontal hook, or perhaps a vertical uppercut straight to the groin. So what we are actually saying here, is that from this missile. Four blows could be launched. Without the opponent ever possibly being able to differentiate. This takes away 90 % of the need for speed, and can take any boxing enthusiast into a fun and functional training well into their 70’s. See ya next week!

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