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Vunak's Top 50 Combat Secrets Ch. 31

Chapter 31 – The first minute of the fight part 2

Guys… this particular chapter obviously hit a cord. As we were flooded with emails and questions, which included but were not limited to several “Yeah Buts”. Please forgive the fact that I am going to be bouncing around a little bit as the impetus of part two was based on several questions, that I will try to answer.

What is the best weapon to hit somebody with, should I go to the eyes or the groin first ? Is it true that a better first shot is initiated if we can fool the opponent to look the other direction either verbally or with our eyes ? Which lead should I be in when I initiate my first shot ? Questions that all have this general tenor, assume one thing, and that is that we are in a range to already hit our opponent, furthermore it is us that gets to choose which blow and which target. The problem with this is a simple one, if you can hit the opponent he can hit you. If you can jab the opponents eyes, the opponent can jab your eyes. Therefore the first rule of Jeet Kune Do is to Intercept. In order for an interception to occur, we must be outside the range of our opponent.

If an altercation looks like it’s going to escalate into something physical, in those first seconds of the match one needs to get in a safe range(Bruce Lee named this period Preliminary Analysis). As you see in part 2, we are reverse engineering Bruce’s process to help give you guys the whys.

Now our particular altercation takes us up to, stepping out in to a safe range during our preliminary analysis, taking a deep breath and beginning Phase 2.

Phase 2 has us relaxed in a fighting stance, breathing, and in safe range. Conversely, our opponent is doing none of the above, and out of rage and stupidity, the opponent is encroaching upon us, in order for his attack. Now using Bruce Lee’s # 1 principle of economy of motion, we strike with our longest weapon to the opponent’s closest target. This is of course the shuffle kick to the groin.

This will do one of two things. It will either end the fight completely. Or create a relationship between you and your opponent, where you are the puppeteer and the opponent is your puppet. When you hit the groin, the opponent’s in pain. When we fake the groin, the opponent drops his hands, and then we attack the eyes. Then we reverse this process, fake the eyes, and then go to the groin. This second stage of the fight Bruce appropriately named “Pot Shotting”.

I will begin Phase 3 by answering a few questions. I stated that our phase 3 termination was elbows, knees, headbutts, and biting. This facilitated several questions… Is there anything more violent than that ? Is that the very limit ? My answer is a definitive no, hell no ! If one is in the middle of their phase 3 rally, with headbutts, elbows, and knees, and know that there are two other guys in the wings while our assault out of the Thai clinch is occurring, one may step it up by of course grabbing a bottle, breaking it, with repeated jabs and soonketties to everyone’s face in the bar, combining this with projectile weaponry, pool balls, bottles, and Kinamutai face bites that would make Hannibal lector look timid.

One escalates the game to these heights to protect their family during a lethal mass attack, once any of these blows land, people tend to scream and bleed profusely. And we use this asymmetric military paradigm to affect our escape. I hope this answers all of your questions…

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