Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lameco Eskrima - Enganyo (Entries)

In Lameco Eskrima the advanced methods are taught through Enganyo or entries: The centerline in any martial art needs to be defended with any blade work 

Line of engagement is very important. On all of these the blade never retracts. Think of your blade it like a jet plane, it never stops it just drops or goes up in or out to the target

Enganyo #1 Mataas sa Baba
Go high-go low:

Enganyo #2 Mababa sa itaas
Low to high

Enganyo #3 Malapad sa makipot
Narrow to wide centerline to shoulder or heart

Enganyo #4 Makipot sa malapad
Wide to cenerline

Enganyo #5 Malapod Malapot
Wide to wide; shoulder to shoulder S=factor

Enganyo #6 Makipot malapot
Cutting to the fingers; most will put finger's up to defend take them

Enganyo #7 Mababaw sa Malukong
Shallow to deep; hand to heart cut blade hand or empty hand

Enganyo #8 Malukong sa mababaw
Deep to shallow go to body cut hand coming out

Enganyo #9 Sa-ak-sak
Broken rhythm stop and go thrusting

Enganyo #10 Pagkumpas ang baraw
Fakes up down inside and outside

Defensa at enganyo suklian
Kilos Paa footwork:
Retirada apak sa likod both feet-shuffle back both feet
Retirada Lutang-hanging leg just pull leg back and touch the toes then back to position.
Retirada Pasabat-cross the leg back

Perserve the right distance much withdraw and you lose you chance to develop only moving an inch from the thrust of the blade... it takes great skill in distance to do this
Wasay; contact the arm find the line and cut; locate and relocate the blade.

Matuwid nadaan; direct attack they move you thrust

Tusok sa Kamay; stab to the hand, use both hands to capture and stab. Stab and use the punyo butt end

Pasungkit-hooking back of the blade

This are tactics that develop attributes needed to fight with the blade...and survive. Knife fighting is a very scary situation and it needs to be take seriously.

Deepest gratitude to Guro Ben Fajardo for the share.

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