Friday, April 12, 2013

Lameco Eskrima - Escrima Drills Uno - Doce (#1-#12)

Uno- diagonal strike w/upper thrust at same line w/stepping

Dos- diagonal down from closed to thrust

Tres- horizontal to small circle vertical downward

Cuatro- backhand small circle vertical downward

Sinco- (from open position)- forehand lobtik to big circle backhand witik

Saez- Forehand lobtik (big double circle) forehand lobtik- backhand lobtik

Siete- forehand sweep block- small circle strike to hand-backhand diagonal to head-
big circle strike to knee same side

Osto- Horizontal strike cut- (H-M-L)

  • diagonal strike down/up
  • upward diagonal up/down
Nueve- Horizontal strike to elbow-vertical to head

Diez- upward eight

Unce- diagonal upward/vertical downward

Doce- double vertical big circles downward


Free lance the drills and combine them together.

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Deepest gratitude to Guro Ben Fajardo for the share.



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