Friday, April 05, 2013

Why I like making Animated GIF's

Are you a fan of the animated GIF? This format has been around almost forever. There seems to be a resurgence in the popularity of the animated GIF.

I love making animated GIF's for the following reasons:

  • It lets me isolate moments in a video to highlight something specific that needs closer inspection
  • It loops repeatedly helping to imprint the image in my mind as espoused by NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Most websites/forums will display Animated GIF's (well, except for Facebook)
  • Smaller filesize than the full video
  • No wait-time unlike streaming video
  • No need to worry about videos not displaying due to outdated 'codecs'

This format is ideal for me for isolating techniques from MMA/UFC/Boxing fights. It helps in discussion of technique. As an example, please check out:

I had a question on the throw that Frank Mir performed on Roy Nelson. My friend Joe Silvia aka "Ausgepicht" broke it down for me and the combination of his commentary and the Animated GIF is super-helpful! Since it loops infinitely, it is a form of NLP's "Modelling" and helps my visualization of the throw specifically in this case. I'm a slow learner, but if I see something repeatedly, even my slow thick skull will get "it" at some point. The GIF will help me get to that point faster LOL.

Also by creating GIF's of movie fight scenes, it helps break it down and I have greater appreciation for that fight. This is applicable to MMA/UFC/Boxing fights too.

I use Ulead GIF Animator. Ulead was bought by Adobe, however, I believe Adobe will NOT be releasing new updates of the program. I'm but a novice on it and it's full of features which I've not taken the time to learn yet. Check this post out for a cool GIF making use of the additional features that the program offers:

Here are 3 articles on How to Create Animated GIF's:

Here are 3 sites to make an Animated GIF easily:

Hope that gets you on your way along your Sojourn of Septillion Steps! Enjoy!



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