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MMA: 2 Concepts for Throwing/Sweeping - "Locking Arm" and "PowerTransfer" by Joe Silvia

Exceprt from Spladdle Forum's Epic Clinch Thread:

UFC130 Frank Mir X Roy Nelson

Mir's throw was a Whizzer with a leg reap. He did not actually have two overhooks, but an overhook with elbow control.

Bear with me, as this little concept will deepen one's understanding of wrestling in specific, and grappling in general....whether standing or on the ground sweeping.

Your arms when throwing or sweeping (when on the ground) share one of two jobs. If you grasp this concept you will see that there really are only two set-ups/tie-ups for throws:

1. Locking Arm
2. Power Transfer

EVERY throw and sweep should have these and you'll notice when a throw/sweep fails, ONE of the reasons will be one of these elements is missing, as it they are FUNDAMENTALS. The other reason could be you ignoring what your opponent is doing or you aren't utilizing the triangle point. That's another thread.

One arm/hand is to LOCK and the other arm or hand is to transfer the power. It doesn't matter whether you are locking his wrist, elbow, shoulder, head, etc. It doesn't matter whether the arm transferring the power is using his wrist, elbow, shoulder, or head. They are ALL fundamentals. Of course, there is an hierarchy. A lock on a wrist won't be as secure as a lock on his shoulder (underhook) and transferring power using his wrist isn't as good as using his head (collar tie).

Whenever you are watching a throw, watch for the locking/securing and the power transfer. In the Mir GIF he has secured or locked Roy's left elbow with his torso and upper arm. He has "secured" Roy. His left arm is the power transfer and in this case he is using the whizzer. These two ARE NOT SEPARATE, but are one "entity." They are a union. A throw's chances of success are greatly lessened if one of these is missing.

The other FUNDAMENTAL aspect while you are jockeying for locking arms and power transfers is to use his momentum and draw him into HIS triangle point. You will notice Mir PERFECTLY pulls Nelson into his own triangle point. By using the leg reap/block, he does another FUNDAMENTAL: breaking an opponents structure. By having his upper body or "solar plexus" continue it's momentum, but bring Roy's "lunar plexus" or lower body to a stop, he disrupts Roy's structure.

The reason Roy didn't go heels over head is because one of Mir's fundamental's was missing: proper head position. He allowed Roy to win the battle of forehead position. It was a small sacrifice since he had the locking arm, power transfer and triangle point covered. However, if Mir had forehead position, Roy would have had his posture disrupted and went heels over head.

This little mini-seminar is what I teach people in their first week or two. I don't teach them techniques. I teach them the triangle point, locking arm and power transfer. I give them 2-3 examples of each and let them explore on their own. Within a week you will see a MASSIVE variety of throws. ONE WEEK. As opposed to hand feeding them a technique or two.

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