Thursday, September 13, 2012

MMA: The Jab's Role in MMA by Joe Silvia

The jab is perhaps the most important tool in boxing and in MMA, however the set-ups, function and objectives with a jab are 180 degrees different.

The distance that is just right for you depending on your height, limb length and style and not so good for "him" is called a measure. In boxing you use two limbs and two tools to attack, however in MMA you have four limbs and have eight tools to attack with so the measure is different. In the street you have a ninth, the head.

The hand is quicker than the eye, right? Longer measures allow your eyes and brain the time to pick up a strike on the radar, decide and respond. This can be done with longer measures, but the closer you get the less time you have to read, decide and respond.

Well, the jab is so successful in Boxing because it is typically thrown at middle to close range, and at longer ranges used as a fake or feint to step closer and land a combination. In MMA, because of kicks and needing to avoid break-ins, takedowns and shoots the measure is longer.

When you throw a jab at longer distances, you should be using it as a feint or fake to get closer or set up another strike. If you ignore this and throw it at a long distance with the intention of landing it, you may eat a counter and in MMA that counter is typically a cross, overhand or left hook ....all potential finishers with 4-6 oz gloves on. This is something that is proven time and time again in virtually every other MMA bout. At the extreme long range in MMA, throwing a dedicated jab is a sure way to get in the image that is attached to this note.

So where is the jab's placement in MMA? We already established that it's best suited for middle to closer range. (Rods and cones.) So it is used at longer measures as a fake or feint to draw a counter or step closer and throw a combo or double the jab. If you are in middle or closer range, or transitioning through long, middle and close, the jab is the PERFECT finish to any combo. You will almost always land it.

And the beauty of this, is if you land it, it can actually be the beginning of a renewed attack. So that means the jab's placement in MMA is as a tool to FINISH fights....just used in a slightly different way than in Boxing.

~Joe Silvia



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