Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thoughts on "Techniques" vs "Fundamentals" and "Reading" by Joe Silvia

Techniques can only ever be the assemblage of principles. They are slaves to the fundamental principles. However, in this day and age instead of looking for the triangle point, the locking arm, power transfer, disrupting structure and posture, and reading your opponents intent and momentum, people force a technique on reality. The reality is a QB on a football line will give you the feedback and data you need to create a SPECIFIC solution to that SPECIFIC moment in time.

This is the single greatest reason for the failure of takedowns, sweeps, armbars, punches, kicks, etc. It's ignoring physical fundamentals & reading and thereby reality. You have to drop your ego and observe.

Reading is prevalent in EVERY sport, however is never mentioned in MMA, BJJ, Judo, or martial arts...though in some RSD circles you will hear it.

A wide receiver will run a pattern, but adjust that pattern to fit what the man covering him is doing. A QB will call out "RED 32, Yokohama LEFT." etc to adjust to reality. A basketball player will wait until he sees an opening and then take the right shot for that moment and distance from the net...dunk, from the line, hail mary, etc.

So on and so on. When someone places greater emphasis on paying attention they will see a difference in performance. The simple act of paying attention is good enough, because you will respond perfectly w/o having to give it thought. STAY OUT OF YOUR WAY.



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