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IN MEMORY OF: Mangisursuro Mike Inay (Dec 11, 1944 - Sep 27, 2000)

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13 years ago today Mangisursuro Inay passed away. He was one of Manong Angel Cabales students as well as Manong Max Sarmiento's. I've never had the honor of training with him. One of his students, Ray Terry, used to run the Eskrima-Digest, an emailing list discussing the Filipino Martial Arts. It was a staple of the FMA scene in the 1990's into early 2000's. With the advent of WWW forums and Facebook, Eskrima Digest shut down. Many FMA luminaries were regulars on ED as well as other Martial Arts/Self-Defense notable instructors.

Here are some video clips in remembrance:

Inayan System of Eskrima - Father and Son

Progressive Inayan Part 1-5

Progressive Inayan at the gathering of the Masters in Greenbay WI. with Mangisursuro Mike Inay, Guro Jenna Inay, and Shihan Russ Rhodes, blending the Inayan Eskrima system with the Shinkodenkai Kenpo Ju-Jitsu system.

Inayan Eskrima - Demo

Inayan Eskrima demo in Washington State ~ 1992. Steve Klement and Jon Ward assist the founder of Inayan Eskrima; Suro Mike Inay (RIP).

Inayan Eskrima - Seminar clip

Inayan Eskrima Seminar done in Inverness, Scotland - 1996. Steve Klement assist the founder of Inayan Eskrima, Suro Mike Inay (RIP).

My sincerest condolences to Mangisursuro Mike Inay's family, students and associates.

RIP Mangisursuro Inay

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