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MMA/WRESTLING: Single Leg Takedowns Finishes - part 3

Follows is Part 3 of the Single Leg Takedowns Finishes article by my friend Joe Silvia aka Ausgepicht.

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Part 3 is below and covers Sweeps/Trips.


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I made 2 animated GIF's and posted to the thread as examples of the Sweeps/Trips finish to a Single Leg Takedown.

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3. Sweeps and trips-you can lift his leg high and sweep his pillar leg out from behind or step in front and drive for a trip.

UFC43 - Randy Couture X Chuck Liddell I


Ausgepicht's (aka Joe Silvia) comments:

Again, Randy doesn't do everything textbook, on the technique, but because his fundamentals are sound (and he's a super athlete) he gets away with it.

This is why I make a solid distinction between fundamentals and basics. Most people use those words interchangeably, but they are NOT the same thing. Fundamentals are principles like forehead position, inside control, weight distribution, posture, alignment, breathing, structure, etc. They are the launching platform FOR your basics.

The basics are the techniques that everyone MUST know. For example, if we say the high double leg it would be specific control ties and transitions that get him to square his feet or stepping so I square his feet. In terms of basic finishes: a pickup, flair/barsagar, spiral half load, and Japanese or blast double.

If your fundamentals are spot on, your techniques even if sloppy can still work. It may be ugly, but as long as it works. You see greats do this all the time. Boxers will put their hands low, wrestlers will shoot from too far away, BJJers will dismount to get an armbar. They can get away with it.

However, the opposite is not true. You can have perfect technique, but if your fundamentals suck, you are using a luck based game. Ideally, your fundamentals and basics are both sound.

The reason why I say this, is in this GIF, Randy doesn't lift the leg he's captured before he sweeps. With all sweeps you want somewhere between the majority and all his weight off the foot, even tippy-toeing. Since Chuck was off-balance and hopping already, Randy said f*ck it and just powered through it. A raw style that is PERFECT for MMA and why Randy has had so much success with it. His fundamentals are also why he is one of the best fibbers in the sport, if not the best.

Here's  the other animated GIF I made and posted:

Strikeforce - Barnett vs. Kharitonov 9/10/2011
Daniel Cormier X Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva



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