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MMA/WRESTLING: Single Leg Takedowns Finishes - part 4 (The Crunk)

Follows is the 4th part of the Single Leg Takedowns Finishes article by Joe Silvia aka Ausgepicht.

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Hope this article helps you in your Sojourn of Septillion Steps!

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I made 2 animated GIF's based on what Ausgepicht wrote of one of the single leg finishes.

Originally Posted by ausgepicht View Post
5. "The Crunk"--raise his whole leg and place the back of his knee on one of your traps. You have both hands free to punch him in the face. If his back is against the cage even BETTER. No takedown need be described here. He will fall no matter what you do.

WEC 33 - Rich Crunkilton X Sergio Gomez

This was the 2nd of three single-legs Crunkilton got on Gomez... Coach Ausgepicht christens this single leg finish as 'The Crunk' after Rich Crunkilton.

Originally Posted by ausgepicht:
I named it the Crunk after Rich Crunkilton. He may not have been the first to do it, but he was the first I saw do it.

Here's the first single-leg Cleat got on Gomez in which he finished with the "Crunk".

WEC 33 - Rich Crunkilton X Sergio Gomez


Do you finish your single leg takedown with the Crunk?



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