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MMA/WRESTLING: Single Leg Takedowns Finishes - part 2 (A Proper Running the Pipe Finish)

This is Part 2 of a 4 part article my friend "Ausgepicht" aka Joe Siliva wrote on finishing the Single Leg Takedown.

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Enjoy part 2 which is on the "Running the Pipe" finish of the single leg!

Excerpted from http://www.spladdle.com/forum/

A proper 'Running the Pipe' Finish
by Joe Silvia aka Ausgepicht

From base camp, and since most people are left foot forward and that is the leg you will shoot on, it'll be his left leg that is trapped/pinched in this example. You are facing "North" for purpose of describing angles.

1. Base camp, base camp, base camp. If you don't have base camp, you will probably fail.

2. Take a small step laterally with your left foot. This will release your pinch and free his leg so all subsequent actions need to be fluid and fast.

3. Swing your right foot behind you in an arc, so you are now facing East proper. He is facing West. If you go past this you may allow him an opportunity to take your back. Though we have options if he does.

* Drop to the floor, come out the back door shucking his right leg by. Take his back.

4. 3 pressures. The reasoning behind the angle, footwork, and facing is to line up the triangle point. Your left foot and his right foot ate the BASE of the triangle. His weakest point of balance is at the apex of the triangle. That is the direction you must drive or pressure him to the floor. It is a "living", fluctuating point, so you must pay attention to where that point is moving, and alter your path of pressure.

5. You have to drive him into that point diagonally downward. In other words, drive him down and forward. The second pressure is with the seal you have formed with your chest and his thigh. No seal=broken base camp. This seal means that wherever your chest and it's projected energies go, so will his thigh. Where his thigh goes, so goes his hips, where his hips go, so go his upper body, etc. We want the momentum of his falling bodyweight to assist us. Optionally we can drop our right knee to the ground for added pressure. I know of no man on earth that can have one foot off the ground with a full grown man attached to it and dropping his weight to the ground and yet hold him in the air.

6. The only way for him to stop or slow his falling bodyweight, or for anyone to stop their falling bodyweight they need to post. His only post that matters is his left foot. Since you have stepped, spiraled, and facing a new direction, and you have his leg trapped between your hands, he doesn't have any post except his left hand....which means he's on the ground and we want him to post with that hand anyway as you'll see later.

7. The third pressure is a 'Tug of war' pressure with your hands on his calf. You want to throw his calf between your legs and behind you.

If all of these elements are spot on, you have your success with getting him to the ground. As you can see it's a lot of variables and one of the reasons I only show it to more intermediate or advanced wrestlers. For MMA anyhow. Yet, we haven't finished!

8. Once he is sitting, you will either be standing or also on the ground. Intentionally or otherwise. If you go to the ground with him and did everything right, you should have an easy time passing. 2 options for completing:

  1. You can use the above shuck and take his back.
  2. Underhook his right leg and pull it onto your left trap. If he is posting with his left hand, rise up a little with his leg on your trap, so he has to place a LOT of weight on the post. With that arm occupied we are free to pass in that direction. With his leg on your trap, you are not only forcing more weight on his post, but you are blocking his underhook on that side. As with any time you pass, you need to shut down his underhook on that side so he can't take your back. This follows that golden rule. You are also following the golden rule of having your underhook.

At the same time you rise with your underhook, you want to baseball slide your left knee and shin across his kneecap area. Pinning it and distracting him with pain. Otherworldly pain. Ask any of the Hematoma gym guys how it feels to be "surfed". I know people have had nightmares about being "surfed". This pain will get his mind off of defending or launching an offense.

Once you've passed him will either scramble away, try to turtle (which you can allow if it's your game), or lay on his back which places him under side mount. I always suggest allowing him to turtle because as I pass I capture his head and slap on a FNC, FHL, dingleberry/Peruvian necktie, Guillotine, etc.

Next post, I'll discuss other takedowns. Much simpler ones!



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