Friday, October 05, 2012

VIDCLIP: Dog Brothers in Action

Check out Eric Knaus aka Top Dog, Arlan Sanford aka Salty Dog, Marc Denny aka Crafty Dog, and Benjamin Rittiner aka Lonely Dog in action.

Couldn't find a real Top Dog in Action clip as well as one for Salty Dog... hopefully there will clips made soon! For now check out Top Dog shadowfighting... check his gracefulness, his power, his footwork, his Alive hand, etc.

Arjarn Salty teaching Krabi Krabong, one of the core arts in Dog Brothers Martial Arts.


Top Dog doing Karenza (shadowfighting)

Salty Dog teaching Krabi Krabong - 8 Count drill

Crafty Dog in Action

Lonely Dog in Action (1999-2003)

Lonely Dog in Action (2006)



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