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Shoulder Crank GIFs from Jon Jones X Glover Teixeira - UFC 172

Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones faced challenger Glover Teixeira at UFC 172. GT suffered a torn labrum in his April 26, 2014 fight vs. Jones. It was Teixeira's first loss in 20 fights which spanned 9 years.

GT had a MRI done and the prognosis was the labrum tear. Date and venue for surgery is to be determined.

The injury came from the first round when Jones improvised a move that he had wanted to attempt since his high school wrestling days where it is illegal. Jones whizzered/overhooked GT's loose underhook and cranked. The injury pretty much neutralized GT's feared right hand.

Round 1

Check out the rest of the rounds in which JJ shoulder cranked!

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

GT's coach, John Hackleman on the injury:

"When I found out after the fight about the injury, it broke my heart," Hackleman said. "Had I known, I probably would have stopped it even though everyone would have hated my guts.

"So he just fought on with a torn labrum, swinging. It wasn't like he was running, he was moving forward and banging. It's unbelievable to think of going five rounds with Jones like that. And we're not taking anything away from Jones because he caused the injury. Both the eye and the shoulder. So kudos to Jones for doing that. They are both legal moves. He didn't try to hurt Glover intentionally, he did what he had to do to win.

"It just shows the mental fortitude and toughness of Glover. It shows what he's capable of. It made me proud, man."

Excerpted from mmafighting.com.

The argument for banning the Shoulder Crank is that the defender has no time to tap/submit. The counter-argument is that the Rules are the way they are currently. Any fighter who steps into the Octagon knows the risks involved and willingly places him/herself in harm's way.

What say you readers? Should the Shoulder Crank be banned from MMA/UFC?

In case you missed the fight or my posting of GIF highlights, please check out:


Rakhang said...

In a sport where fighters can KO each other, lace each other's faces with knees and elbows, getting shoulder cranked like that is minor. If it was bad, he should have tapped after the first one.

Stickgrappler said...

Hello Rakhang,

*puts left palm to right fist and bows*

Yeah, I agree somewhat. I'm so Yin-Yang on this myself. I see both sides and haven't ultimately decided. In the end though, we have to be careful not to harken back to the Coliseum Gladiator days.

Very truly yours in the MA,



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