Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lyoto Machida vs Kengo Watanabe (Lyoto's 1st MMA fight)

Yesterday, I posted some videos analyzing Lyoto Machida's Shotokan Karate for MMA in celebration of his 36th birthday:

Today, I'm posting some of his fights. Enjoy!

Lyoto Machida vs Kengo Watanabe

Lyoto Machida in his MMA debut. The fight was held at NJPW - Ultimate Crush. Unfortunately the 2nd round is missing and is nowhere to be found.

The man in the suit is Antonio Inoki - legendary pro wrestler, Japanese MMA pioneer and Lyoto's former promoter. The punch that he does after the fight is the Toukon "Fighting spirit" slap - it's supposed to bring good luck.

The Toukon "Fighting spirit" slap came about when Inoki was visiting a school. Some random kid punched Inoki twice, and he responded with a slap that knocked the kid down. The kid got up, bowed deeply, and thanked him for the slap. It was all over the TV in japan. After that celebrities and everyday people ask Inoki for the slap to give them courage or a blessing.

For further information:

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