Thursday, May 01, 2014

GIFs of Rd 3 of Jones X Teixeira from UFC 172

The past 2 days, I posted my GIF Highlights of:

Today, I present to you Round 3 which features 7 GIFs! My sincerest apologies if the page loads slowly due to the loading up of the 8 GIFs. Most of them are short, so it shouldn't be that long of a page loading.


Guillotine to Knee

Glover's mouthpiece flies out after Jon's uppercut! IIRC, this happened 3x during the fight.

Jones showing what his chin is made of after Teixeira's uppercuts.

Jones loves Elbowing! Who doesn't?

OUCHY! 3rd shoulder crank!!

Round 3 SloMo Highlights

For further info, please check out:



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