Thursday, May 08, 2014

Set 2 GIFs of UFC 172 Preliminary - Joseph Benavidez X Tim Elliott

Following up on my first set of 6 GIFs, here's the second set of 6 GIFs. To ease page load time, I had to split the 12 GIFs into 2 posts.

Elliott was dominating but along the way, Benavidez was able to reverse and start working the guillotine towards the end of the round and secured his choke for the win.

Benavidez's mounted guillotine choke saw his legs trap Elliott's arms as Benavidez cranked the Guillotine. Elliott was forced to stomp his feet to indicate his tapping!

It was an incredible submission to behold as a MMA fan!

“He made me fight. I had no choice. I got him with that Joe-Jitsu." 
~Joseph Benavidez 


Joaconstricter - Realtime

4 SloMo's

Not satisfied with my first GIF of Tim Elliott's fancy footwork, I made another GIF

Congratulations to Joseph Benavidez on his Mounted Guillotine Choke submission which garnered him the Performance of the Night!



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