Thursday, May 08, 2014

GIFs of UFC 172 Preliminary - Joseph Benavidez X Tim Elliott - Set 1

Joseph Benavidez, the #1 Flyweight Contender in a UFC 172 preliminary fight took on the #7 Contender, Tim Elliott. The fight ended with a variation of a Mounted Guillotine Choke never before seen in the UFC. Benavidez dubbed it the "Joaconstrictor".

What made headlines was the Joaconstricter, but let's not forget Tim Elliott's early performance, he got 3 takedowns, dominated Benavidez with his wrestling early in Round 1.

Below is the first set of 6 GIFs. To ease page load time, the second set of 6 GIFs is in the next post.

Tim Elliott's Fancy Footwork

Elliott's First Attack

Elliott's 2nd attack

Please check out the Joaconstricter in this next Set of 6 GIFs:



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