Wednesday, April 30, 2014

UFC 172 - GIF Highlights of Rd 2 of Jones x Teixeira

Yesterday, I posted my GIF Highlights of:

Today, I present to you Round 2 which features 8 GIFs! My sincerest apologies if the page loads slowly due to the loading up of the 8 GIFs. Most of them are short, so it shouldn't be that long of a page loading.


Always seemed like Jones was only throwing, what in Jeet Kune Do is called Single Direct Attacks.
One technique and then stop. Here's a sequence 2 sidekicks and a followup elbow!

Intra-round SloMo of the fingers in the eyes
I think it's unintentional, and due to his huge reach advantage, he keeps his hand on his opponent's head/face to guage the distance, as well as collapse the arm for an elbow to the face.

Throughout the five rounds, Jones would throw elbows, but only single ones.
This was the only time in the fight I recall seeing 3 consecutive elbows!

Awesome Shoulder Bump!
Never understood why it's not used more... Taiji/Tai Chi and other MA teaches the shoulder bump. Yes, I said "Tai Chi"!

Look familiar?

Round 2 SloMo Highlights

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