Wednesday, April 09, 2014

9 years ago today ... The Ultimate Fighter Season 1 Finale - Forrest Griffin X Stephan Bonnar

9 years ago today, The Ultimate Fighter Season 1 Finale broadcasted. Can you believe it? Where does the time go?

UFC was on the brink of disaster, if not for the TUF Finale on Spike-TV, the UFC may not have lived to see this day. That finale brought the UFC back from the red into the black in large part to one of the greatest (as well as one of the most important) MMA fights ever - Forrest Griffin vs Stephen Bonnar. The winner of the fight would've gotten a 6 figure UFC contract. Both Griffin and Bonnar fought their hearts out and Dana White awarded both fighters the contract!

Please join me in reliving this historic match! Enjoy!

For further info:

EDIT (2:30pm): I'm reminded by Steve about the other final that got eclipsed by Griffin X Bonnar. Great point Steve!

... how many people talk about the 2:47 TKO in the OTHER final bout that night? Diego Sanchez fought Kenny Florian and knocked him out in the first round. Who talks about that fight? How many people even remember that Diego Sanchez is technical the first TUF champion because his fight was earlier on the card?



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