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SELF-DEFENSE: Twin 7 year-old boys vs Carjacker/Kidnapper in San Antonio, TX

Photo credit:  KSAT

"I was kicking him."
~ Lucius Lozada

"I was hitting him with a snake."
~ Luis Lozada Jr.

I am often asked which martial arts style is the best for self-defense. I also come across forum threads with the same question.

As you read this story, please keep in mind these critical questions:

  • What self-defense style did the Lozada Boys use?
  • What self-defense techniques did the Lozada Boys use?

WHO: 7 year-old twins (Lucius Lozada, Luis Lozada Jr.) and their 1 year-old infant brother
WHAT: Man carjacks the Lozada boys' mother's car with them still inside
WHERE: Area of Pecan Valley Drive and Colglazier in San Antonio , TX / USA
WHEN: Thursday 4/17/14 afternoon

Excerpted from

SAN ANTONIO - Three kids who were inside a vehicle that was stolen Thursday afternoon have been reunited with their family after fighting with the man who police said stole their mother's car.

The children were inside a gold Nissan Altima when it was stolen from in front of their house in the area of Pecan Valley Drive and Colglazier.

"She realized that she had forgotten the baby bottle, walked back in the house," said San Antonio Police Chief William McManus. "When she came back out the car was gone."

"I went back out and I saw him walking and I smiled at him because I know him from around here because he's always walking up and down the street and he looked at me and just ran and got in the car and left," said Lucia Lozada, the boys' mother.

Excerpted from

But cops said the tykes, Luis and Lucius, refused to go quietly and began hitting the man and screaming.

"They just knew that that guy wasn't supposed to be in the car and they were beating on him," McManus said.

"I was hitting him with a [toy] snake," little Luis told reporters.

Eventually, the carjacker let the boys and the baby off on a street in Las Palmas, about 10 miles away from their home.

They were reunited with their mother on Thursday evening.

They got the snake yesterday from the store, Lozada told KSAT-TV. "I didn't want to buy it for them, but I guess God knew that he was going to use it today."

Cops described the carjacker as a white man in his mid-30s.

Revisiting my questions I posed at the top of this post, "What self-defense style did the Lozada Boys use? What self-defense techniques did the Lozada Boys use?"

Self-defense is not a style ... it's not a technique ... it's a mindset ... it's a call-to-action. It is a conscious decision to not let the Bad Guy(s) control you. It is using what you have (a toy snake!). It is doing everything in your power to change the situation. The Lozada boys fought back immediatedly. Although this story on the surface appears to be just a carjacking, it could just as easily have been a kidnapper or pedophile.

There are also lessons to be learned from the mother's, Lucia Lozada's, actions (or lack thereof):

  1. Do not leave children in a vehicle unattended.
  2. Do not leave your keys in the ignition of your vehicle.
  3. Do not leave your vehicle running.
  4. Do not assume someone you've seen in your neighborhood is really your neighbor.

Elated the Lozada Boys are unharmed and reunited with their mother! Hope the San Antonio Police catch the carjacker!!

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