Friday, January 05, 2018

The Foreigner - Flexible X Knife animated GIF set

Friends, it's Friday and you know what that means? It's "Flexible Friday"! I can hear you asking what is "Flexible Fridays"? LOL

On some Fridays this year, I will post a video and an animated GIF set from Movies/TV featuring a flexible weapon in use. Kicking off this new project, today's Flexible Friday features a fight from Jackie Chan's new film, The Foreigner, where a BG (bad guy) uses a knife on Jackie and he is able to grab an 'equalizer'.


Knife thrust to slash

The wrap and turn to throw

Ippon! :)

The Choke

All-In-One GIF:  The Wrap, Throw, & Choke


The Wrap & the Throw


Choke switchover

Extended All-In-One GIF

Please check my Projects page for more videos/GIFs on Flexible Weapons in Movies/TV.



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