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Paladin Press - Hapkido Hoshinsul

Hapkido Hoshinsul

The Explosive Korean Art of Self-Defense

with Alain Burrese

805966 006130
80 minutes


Hapkido is a traditional Korean martial art that translates as "The Way of Coordinated Power". Unlike the more popular and sport-oriented taekwon do, hapkido is a pure fighting art that combines powerful striking and kicking methods with devastating joint locks, throws and breaks. Alain Burrese received his education in this art at one of the premier hapkido schools in South Korea. He also tested its effectiveness as a bouncer in the toughest GI bars in Asia. Now, in this explosive new Paladin video, Burrese reveals the secrets of hapkido's amazingly effective techniques and shows you how to use its fundamental wrist, elbow and shoulder locks to defend against a variety of street attacks. Drawing from his own real-world experience, he also shows you how to adapt these techniques to the needs of the bouncer, security specialist or law enforcement officer.


Alain Burrese is a veteran U.S. Army sniper who learned the art of hapkido while stationed in South Korea. In addition to his formal martial arts study, he has worked extensively as a bouncer, bodyguard and security specialist and has an exceptional understanding of the difference between fighting theory and reality.


1) Elbow Techniques 
- Elbow Choke 
- Defense Against a Punch 
- Grab the Hand 
- Two-Hand Wristlock and Takedown 
- Counter Against Grab and Punch 
- X-Hand Block 
- Blocking 
2) Wrist Techniques 
- Takedown from the Side 
- Takedown Against a Punch 
- Forearm Pressure Point 
- Step Through and Takedown 
- Wrist Grab and Step Under 
- Twist and Takedown 
- Come-Along Techniques 
3) Shoulder Techniques 
- Counter Against Right Cross 
- Chicken Wing 
- Shoulder Locks 
4) Finger Techniques 
5) Throwing Techniques 
- Throw from a Wrist Grab 
- Hip Throw

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