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Paladin Press - The Fighter's Guide to Hard-Core Heavy Bag Training Book

The Fighter's Guide to Hard-Core Heavy Bag Training

by Wim Demeere and Loren W Christensen

262 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"


In one session on the heavy bag, you can develop all the attributes you need as a martial artist or fighter: power, form, speed, timing, endurance, and explosiveness. What other training tool can make that claim?

Throughout The Fighter's Guide to Hard-Core Heavy Bag Training, Wim Demeere and Loren Christensen show you how to master the critical skills needed to survive a fight. From these acclaimed martial artists, you will get solid information on how to choose the right bag for your needs, how best to hang it, and how to care for it so it lasts for years. You will also learn the types of impacts and how to make the best use of them for specific situations; innovative drills to maximize your fitness level and fighting ability; creative ways to grapple a heavy bag, including chokes, takedowns, and armbars; and how to avoid the most common mistakes in heavy bag training.

Whatever your fighting art or goal, you can benefit from the hard-core drills in this book.


Wim Demeere began training at the age of 14, studying the grappling arts of judo and jujitsu for several years before turning to the kick/punch arts of traditional kung fu and full-contact fighting. Over the years he has studied a broad range of other fighting styles, including muay Thai, kali, pentjak silat and shootfighting. Since the late 1990s, he has been studying tai chi chuan and its martial applications. His competitive years saw him win four national titles and a bronze medal at the 1995 World Wushu Championships. In 2001, he became the national coach of the Belgian Wushu fighting team. A full-time personal trainer in his native country of Belgium, Wim instructs a wide variety of clients in martial arts, self-defense and physical conditioning styles. You can contact Wim through his website and at his blog.


1) Kinetic Energy: Five Types of Impact 
2) Heavy Bag: How to Choose One and Take Care of It 
3) How to Attach a Heavy Bag 
4) Nuts and Bolts 
5) Basic and Advanced Training Concepts for the Heavy Bag 
6) Hanging Heavy Bag 
7) Free Swinging 
8) Partner Holding 
9) Bag on the Ground 
10) Bag on the Floor Held by Your Partner 
11) Precision Hitting Enhancers 
12) Ten Common Errors 
13) Product Manufacturers

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