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Paladin Press - Combat Sanshou Part 3

Combat Sanshou: The Punishing Chinese Fighting Art: Part Three

Takedowns, Throws, and Finishing Moves

with Wim Demeere

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210 minutes


Most martial arts are activities, like sports. They're something you do with your opponent: he strikes, you block, you strike, he blocks. Combat Sanshou is a fighting art, and the purpose is to put your enemy on the ground without following him there: a true stand-up combat system designed for real-world combative application.

Part Three of this three-part series addresses the final aspects of Combat Sanshou's vicious fighting strategy: slamming your enemy to the ground and keeping him there for good, if necessary. Relying on the simple, basic combative principles of immediate entry and taking away your opponent's base, Wim Demeere shows you fast, hard throws and takedowns that will work no matter how skilled a person you're fighting. Once your opponent's down, Demeere demonstrates joint manipulations, slams and stomps to keep him from getting up and trying to fight with you again. For information purposes only.


Wim Demeere began training at the age of 14, studying the grappling arts of judo and jujitsu for several years before turning to the kick/punch arts of traditional kung fu and full-contact fighting. Over the years he has studied a broad range of other fighting styles, including muay Thai, kali, pentjak silat and shootfighting. Since the late 1990s, he has been studying tai chi chuan and its martial applications. His competitive years saw him win four national titles and a bronze medal at the 1995 World Wushu Championships. In 2001, he became the national coach of the Belgian Wushu fighting team. A full-time personal trainer in his native country of Belgium, Wim instructs a wide variety of clients in martial arts, self-defense and physical conditioning styles. You can contact Wim through his website and at his blog.


1) Takedowns 
- Single and Double Leg Takedowns 
- Step and Trip 
- Lead Leg Grab and Back Leg Grab 
- Lead Leg Reap 
- Takedown Combinations 
- Defenses Against Takedowns 
2) Throws 
- Hip Throw 
- Neck Locking Throws 
- Uprooting Throws 
- Defenses Against Throws 
3) Leg Catching Techniques 
- Leg Catching Throws 
- Defenses Against Leg Catches 
- Leg Catching Drill 
4) Finishing Moves 
- Fan Technique 
- Tiger Rip 
- Head Smashes 
- Joint Work 
- Going to the Floor and Getting Back Up 
- Springboard Elbows Drill

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