Thursday, January 11, 2018

Fight Quest S01E03: Kyokushin Karate

Posting a Fight Quest episode today which aired 10 years ago on this date!

Fight Quest is a television show on the Discovery Channel that followed Jimmy Smith and Doug Anderson as they travel around the world learning different styles of martial arts, spending five days training with notable masters of the styles they are studying, before exhibiting what they have learned in a final demonstration and/or fight.


Country: Japan
City: Tokyo
Martial Art/Style: Kyokushin Karate
Masters: Yuzo Goda, Isamu Fukuda
Synopsis: Jimmy and Doug journey to Tokyo to learn the brutal bare-fisted fighting style known as Kyokushin Karate. After five days of intense training, Doug is injured and Jimmy exhausted, but both fighters must fight five black-belts - one after the other - in a tradition known as a "Kumite."

In case you missed the other episodes in the Fight Quest series, you can find them here:



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