Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy ThanksGIFing/Thanksgiving! (2015-2016 edition)

I missed posting last year a "ThanksGIFing" post. Previous posts can be found here:

Given I've only made 1 GIF set for 2016 and I missed posting 2015 ThanksGIFing, this entry will be the 2015-2016 edition.

Just in case, readers do not know what 'ThanksGIFing' is ... what does GIFs have to do with Turkey? ThanksGIFing was a pun of ThanksGIVing ... I know, I know, I'm so punny! LOL @ me!!

For the Happy ThanksGIFing 2015-2016 edition, I'm going to post all the GIF sets I've made from 2015-2016 - the sets number 15 only.

Happy Thanksgiving to my readers who celebrate! I give thanks to many many things, however, suffice it to say, I give thanks to you readers for your continued support in spreading word about my blog and sharing posts!  

I thank you for joining me in my Sojourn of Septillion Steps... THANK YOU!!

Without further ado, here are the most popular GIF Sets of 2015 (well the period of Thanksgiving 2014 through Thanksgiving 2015) ... ENJOY!!

2015-2016 Most Popular GIF Sets in Ascending Order

15. 70th Birthday of Ted Lucaylucay:


3 more GIFs can be seen here:

14. Unbeatable GIF Set 2 - MMA Training:

18 more GIFs can be seen here:

13. Happy 50th Birthday Nick Cheung! (Unbeatable GIF Set 1 - MMA Training):

14 more GIFs can be found here:

12. Sonny Umpad: Sangot (Sickle) GIFs:

Enjoy 4 more GIFs here:

11. Happy 39th Birthday Leigh Remedios!!:

Check out 5 more GIFs here:

10. Sonny Umpad: Kniferoll & Angles of Attack GIFs:

Lightning fast!

Check out 4 more GIFs here:

9. UFC Fight Night 61: 10 GIFs of Antonio Silva X Frank Mir:

Check out 9 more GIFs of :

8. 5 GIFs of stickchoke from Daredevil S01E08:

Good night! Sleep tight!! Don't let the bedbugs bite!!!

Check out 4 more GIFs of :

7. 7 GIFs of stickchoke from Blindspot S01E01:

Check out 6 more GIFs of :

6. UFC Fight Night 62 - Godofredo Pepey X Andre Fili GIF highlights:

Check out 8 more GIFs of :

5. "John Wick" Bar Shootout Trailer GIF Set:


Check out 12 more GIFs of :

4. 13 GIFs of Ronda Rousey's UFC 193 Open Workout - Throws:

Enjoy 12 more GIFs here:

3. Happy Birthday Lucy Liu!! (Elementary S03E01 GIF Set - Dr. Joan Watson vs Kitty Winter baton fight) :

En garde!

For 8 more GIFs, please check out:

2. The Final Master GIF Set 1:

Please check out the following for 9 more GIF's in the Set:

1. Bruce Lee vs Dan Inosanto!! and it's not the Game of Death!! (Green Hornet S01E10 GIF Set):

Knock! Knock! Who's there? HI-YAA!

Please check out the following link for the full GIF Set of :

Hope you enjoyed the 2015-2016 GIF Sets of this site!

I remain very truly yours in GIF-making! Looking forward to next year's Thanksgifing post :)

Happy Thanksgifing/Thanksgiving!!

NOTE: Posted Dec 7 and backdated to Nov 24.



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