Thursday, April 23, 2015

5 GIFs of stickchoke from Daredevil S01E08

Marvel's Daredevil premiered on April 10, 2015 on Netflix. 

I just finished watching the 13 episode first season.


Not for young kids. Very dark and gritty. Not a superhero show per se this first season. More of a crime show. Matt Murdock as a young boy saved an old man from an oncoming truck. The truck spilled some radioactive material on Matt's eyes and he was blinded as a result. However, he discovered his other senses were heightened. Murdock, by day is a lawyer and by night he is a vigilante.

I squealed with delight when I watched the eighth episode as it featured a stickgrappling technique! I would be remiss in my duties as a Martial Arts-GIF-making geek if I didn't GIF that per my namesake :) Now that I finished the series, I made 5 GIFs of the stickgrappling technique ... a stickchoke - a version of the RNC.


Here is the full scene in one GIF

The RNC (rear-naked choke) aided by a stick

Lights out!

Nighty night ... sleep tight!

Mission accomplished
(so hypnotic lol)

For other animated GIFs of stickgrappling, please check out:

I will be making more GIFs from this series, specifically the fight scenes. Check back soon for them!




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