Monday, October 05, 2015

Happy 70th Birthday Ted Lucaylucay (Oct 5, 1945 - Mar 30, 1996)!

Today would've been Guro Ted Lucaylucay's 70th birthday!

Sadly, he passed too young at the age of 51. One of my favorite instructional videos is his "The Pocket Stick" published by Unique Publications (now defunct). In honor of Guro Lucaylucay, I am posting this video clip that a student of Guro Richard Lamoureaux's put up on YouTube. I took the liberty of making 4 animated GIFs as tribute to Guro Lucaylucay.

Happy Birthday Guro Ted Lucaylucay! Enjoy!

Video clip from "The Pocket Stick" (Unique Publications)

4 GIFs of Guro Ted Lucaylucay & Guro Richard Lamoureaux

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