Saturday, October 03, 2015

Raven S1E7: The Death of Sheila (Oct 3, 1992)

I'm posting an episode from the 1992 TV series, Raven, mirroring this date 23 years ago.



Jonathan Raven (portrayed by Jeffrey Meek) is a ninja, former member of the Black Dragons clan and also a former Special Forces agent. Now he lives in Hawaii, helping those in trouble and searching for his long-lost son, while avoiding assassins sent to kill him by the Black Dragon clan. Herman 'Ski' Jablonski (played by veteran TV actor, Lee Majors), an extravagant private investigator and Jonathon's best friend, is helping him.

This Episode (Last episode of Season 1):

Jonathan is looking for a woman who adopted a boy who is part Asian and thinking that it could his son. But the woman is a call girl and the woman she works wants her to set up someone. And that's when things go bad. Jonathan tries to help her, her friend and the boy.

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