Thursday, August 13, 2009


Been jammed with Real Life... trying to catch up on some emails. This was sent to me 7/6/09 by my friend Kilogulf59, whose Integrated Close Combat Forum I posted about 3/30/09 here:

He wrote:

I'd like to invite all of you to stop in at a new forum. The place is called WWW.POCKETFIREPOWER.COM - Discussion dedicated to pocket defense handguns, knives and tactics...

The gentleman who is the admin goes by the moniker "LUVMYSIGP225" and is a good guy and friend of our own 7677, who is a moderator there as well.

The flavor of the forum is somewhat different than ICCF nonetheless the philosophy is the same. In other words, good info, good advice, good people. What more can we ask for?

Do yourself a favor, go there today and tell them "Ken sent ya"...(they may let you stay anyway LOL)

Take Care and Stay Safe,

"REMEMBER ?What works for you may not, necessarily, work for me. Keep an open mind!"

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Check out when you have a chance. I will register there when I have a little more free time and check it out for myself. I also intend to surf back over to ICCF and a few forums I've been meaning to check in (as well as catching up on emails LOL).

Oh, while you are at it, check out Kilogulf's links in his email signature! Enjoy!



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