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Today is Matt Hughes' 41st birthday!

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Today is Matt Hughes' 41st birthday!

Matt was a NCAA Diviion I wrestler as well as a former two-time UFC Welterweight Champion. Hughes put together two separate six-fight winning streaks in the UFC, won the Welterweight title on two occasions and defended the belt a then-record seven times. In May 2010, he was the seventh fighter (and overall, the 8th person) to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Posting some videos in his honor! Enjoy!

Matt Hughes Tribute | The Way

Matt Hughes Tribute

Matt Hughes Picture Slideshow Tribute With His Theme Song "A Country Boy Can Survive", By Hank Williams Jr.

UFC fighter Matt Hughes - Full interview

MMA fighter Matt Hughes talks about his career, what's going on in his head during fights, tough losses and much more!

Matt Hughes: "I Didn't Want To Retire"

UFC legend Matt Hughes spoke to UFC Tonight analyst Ariel Helwani about his new role at the UFC as the VP of Athlete Development & Government Relations. The former welterweight champion explained why he retired and how UFC President Dana White helped him make the difficult decision.

Matt Hughes Explains His Role as VP of Athlete Development

Matt Hughes, now officially retired from MMA competition, explains his new appointment to VP of Athlete Development. Hughes will act as a liaison between fighters and the UFC when there are issues with the Code of Conduct, and try to offer them wisdom and guidance from his own years of experience as a fighter. Hughes also talks about the transition from fighting to being an executive, whether or not he'll move to Vegas for the job, and what he thinks the future of UFC's Welterweight Division is. This interview is brought to you courtesy of Steve Juon, covering UFC on FOX 6 on behalf of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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