Tuesday, March 18, 2014

UFC 171 GIF Highlights - Jake Shields X Hector Lombard

This past Saturday, March 15, 2014, in Dallas Texas, welterweight ranked #6 contender Jake Shields (29-6-1) took on underdog Hector Lombard (33-4-1) in UFC 171. It seemed Shields' fight plan was to weather the storm from Lombard's attacks and seeing if Lombard's cardio holds up. To that end, Shields went for 6 takedowns and looking to fight off his back and submit Lombard. Lombard stuffed all 6 takedowns (I think it was 6, I may have lost track). Lombard was impressive mixing his Olympic Judo Black Belt skills with the threat of his Knockout power. Hector was dominating throughout the fight and Jake finally had a good submission attempt towards the end of Round 3. Shields is not a tomato can, former Strikeforce champ as well as a BJJ black belt.

Without further ado, here are the GIF highlights I've made:

Round 1 - Hector Lombard utilizing his Olympic-caliber Judo skills

End of Round 1 - slomo highlights

Round 2 - Lombard with another trip and a O Goshi/Hip Toss

End of Round 2 - slomo highlights

Round 3 - One more Trip for good measure!

Literally with seconds left in the match, Jake Shields gets a guillotine choke in, but time ran out. Slomo overhead view.

Congratulations to Hector Lombard on his dominating win!

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