Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy 40th Birthday Grace Park!!

Today marks the 40th birthday of Grace Park! She was in TV Series such as The Border, Battlestar Galactica (her big break as Boomer), and Hawaii Five-0 (as Kono) as well as in movies such as Jet Li's Romeo Must Die (albeit a brief scene).

I am posting some videos in her honor.

Happy Birthday Grace! May you have many more and your career continues to be on the rise!


Hawaii Five-0 - Kono's Biggest Hits

Hawaii Five-0 - You Ask, They Tell: Grace Park

Grace Park on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
(Feb 11, 2013)

Grace Park on Q TV


And here are some of her racier work:
Slideshow of some desktop wallpapers

Maxim Exclusive: Battlestar Babes - Grace Park and Tricia Helfer

Grace Park - MAXIM photo shoot

For more info on Grace Park:



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