Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mike Blackgrave - STR8 Street Thuggin ~ South Africa Style ?

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Every culture has it's thugs, South Africa is no different. When my buds in PIPER talk about what they face, this is it. A wired out, well seasoned, cunning criminal who can work magic with a shiv and cares absolutely nothing for his safety. Making it that much easier devouring your safety. He may not be the best armed. He may not be the biggest or baddest. But what he is, is hungry. Hungry for everything he feels he has been deprived of his entire existence. So how does an under educated, mandrax whacked, border line insane individual procure his just desserts? He takes it, by any means necessary. His tools are crude, they don't need to be anything but. It is the purpose that matters not the tool. His knife is cheap, an okapi or even a homemade shiv. His pistol may be a one hit wonder. A crude zip..that's all he needs. His true weapon is the ambush. The ability to blend and shift, to hunt with impunity because he looks like everybody else. He will pick targets of opportunity. It will not matter if his quarry is white or black. It won't matter if it's man woman or child. He is a hunter, and a hunter covets what it sees fit. Some in the west dismiss these types as crude and ineffective. They play gangster comparison as if it were a late after noon game show. They claim their own skills are far superior to this crude little man with the cheap piece of steel protruding from his pipe scarred hands. He does so at his own Peril. It doesn't take a hit from a shiv to convince me that this crude little man, has crude little cousins in his gang family that roams our streets in every town America. His cousin may not move like him. He may not use the same knife. But you can rest assured that he is every bit as deadly and his intent is every bit as real. So when you see guys like this don't dismiss what my brothers in PIPER are trying so kindly to say. Study the bad men, find out what makes them tick. Watch how they move, listen to their intent, often times it rests in their eyes.

The pic is of The Americas Gang leader in South Africa, a pure T killer..OG all the way. Kind of looks like some of the home boys banging on a corner near you. Don't it?

Thanks to the lads in PIPER for their work in bringing their bad guy to the mindset of us good guys everywhere. Wanna learn how to deal with this...then learn the bad guy...learn his ways so you can turn it , burn it and send him to what ever God he deems as THE ONE.

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NOTE:  My deepest gratitude to Amo Guro Blackgrave for his kind permission in allowing me to repost this.

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