Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy 47th Birthday Renzo Gracie!!

Today marks the 47th birthday of one of the most popular MMA fighters as well as a MMA legend!

Posting 3 fights and a documentary in Renzo Gracie's honor!

Parabens, feliz aniversario Renzo Gracie!!

Renzo Gracie vs Ben Spijkers (WCC 1: First Strike) (Oct 17, 1995)

EDIT: My sincerest apologies to Renzo Gracie for posting this fight. In today's MMA, it may seem unsportsmanlike for a fighter to neck stomp his opponent when downed. But the story behind the fight and that neck stomp is as follows:

Spijkers and his friends had spent the entire previous night harassing Renzo, calling his room, sending room service to his room and taunting him on the press conference saying that Renzo´s eyes looked like the ones from his (Spijkers) girlfriend and that Spijkers was looking forward to doing something sexual to Renzo in the cage.

This was Renzo's first fight in the US and he took it very seriously. In Brazil, in a fight where someone seriously disrespected you or your family, it was symbolic to step on their neck after defeating them to show your contempt.

After the ref got on him and he heard the boos, he realized that he wasn't fighting in Brazil. Humbly, he apologized. Subsequent fights, Renzo helps his opponents up and is a total class act.

My sincerest apologies also to my friend Tommy H. who questioned my inclusion of this fight. I knew of the background story and neglected to add it for context of what appeared to be unsportsmanlike behavior. And hence my edit.

Renzo vs Oleg Taktarov (MARS I) (Nov 22, 1996)

Renzo vs Eugenio Tadeu (Sep 27, 1997) (Pentagon Combat)
Fans rioted and fight declared No Contest - one of the most famous fights ever in MMA history!

Renzo Gracie documentary

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