Monday, March 03, 2014

Billy Robinson teaching Catchwrestling

Earlier today, I reported that Billy Robinson passed away:

I am posting some videos of Billy Robinson teaching Catchwrestling.


Catch Wrestling Standing Posture Breaks

How to deal with an opponent that resists having his head pulled down and responds by pulling back.

Grip Fighting and the Catch As Catch Can Arm Drag series

Catch Wrestling Arm Lock Techniques

Front Face Lock

God of Catch as Catch Can Wrestling Billy Robinson and Jake Shannon demonstrate the fine details of the Grovit/Groffit. Known in contemporary Wrestling Circles as the Front Face Lock or Front Head Lock, this staple of the Catch Wrestling arsenal was originally known by the Wigan Wrestlers as the Groffit or Grovit.

Coach Robinson shows how to apply this devastating submission hold as well as how to use it as a set up for a single leg takedown.

Two variations of the Shin Lock

Double Wrist Lock
He shares with us his version of the "Kimura" or Double Wrist Lock as it would be called in Wigan.

Gotch Toe Hold

Catch As Catch Can applications of the Long Sit Out

Escaping Defense Position

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