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THE WISDOM OF ... The Vikings (compiled by Mike Blackgrave)

The Truth of The Norse Way

Compiled by Mikhahel Blackgrave (son of Gustave)

1. A man honors all that deserve honoring, no matter the color of his skin or the choice of his way. It is his way. If it is deserved then so be it.

2. The unworthy hold no place at your table, in your home or amongst your kin. Keep a stead fast eye for those who may wish you and yours ill will.

3. Never believe that a warrior is always a wise man. This is fallacy, as many claim to be warriors yet remain steadfast on a path of evil. A true wise man knows that evil holds no promise for your kindred.

4. Wisdom and character are life long pursuits. Listen to no man who deems his wisdom superior over all, his character is tarnished.

5. The myths of the old ways should always be explored with an open heart, a sound mind and a resolute intent. Truth lies in the past, as we are our past.

6. Pain is life, life is truth, use pain to lead you into calm waters.

7. The mind must me nurtured, it must be challenged. To allow dormancy to take hold places laziness of action at the footsteps of those who would choose evil as their way.

8. Courage lies in the steadfast heart. It hold no malice towards good people, as all good people, no matter their druthers deserve their place under the watchful eyes of those who have come before. Unleash your courage on the wicked!

9. Do not tout the names of the Gods to fulfill your agenda for ill will. It shows your character as nothing more than slop for hogs. It is an unfair shame you place upon them .

10. Dishonor is held in the hands of those who choose it’s way and tout it’s truth. To be honorable is to be free, to be free is to accept truth, to accept truth is to understand that you nor I are all that exists. Be humble

11. Unleashed aggression with no merit or meaning is wasteful. Embrace your aggression, nurture it, control it. Unleash it on those who dare take violent action against you or your kindred.

12. The will of man is forged in self discipline. Listen not to those who claim mastery of self discipline for they have filled their cup and have no room for truth.

13. Be a good man, an honest man. Build this character in your kindred and walk free of fear.

14. No man holds entitlement over another. Leave the man who believes he does, his path is lined with pitfalls.

15. Show no mercy to those that creep in the night, willing to vanquish you for their own ill gain. Hold tight your kindred, teach them the way of steel and lead. Raise no victims!

16. Embrace your steel, bleed for it, nurture it, for it is a beast of burden that begs release from it's masters hand.

17. The absence of knowledge allows evil doers to take the Germanic ways and twist them for their own agenda. Stoic is our belief that all good men have the right to that which they hold dear.

18. The warrior never says goodbye as it is final, only farewell as he understands that no matter his outcome he will remain in the hearts and minds of his kindred in the stories they sing.

19. Freedom is paramount to life. Allow no man to place his yoke upon you. Cast out any man who does so for he is not kindred.

20. The Norse way lies in the fusion of mind, body and soul. Blood runs true in those who come correct. Be watchful of those who tout blood above all. Blood runs cold in the thief who turns our way into false agenda.

21. Never be a victim, learn the craft of self preservation. Never claim to be a warrior, act as such and it will show, quietly.

22. Titles bestowed upon man should be earned. Those placed by your own hand should be avoided. They hold no truth.

23. The Einherjar (lone fighter) works well in all ranges, against many or the few, for he has prepared himself and embraced his craft. He comes with no evil as he to can be succumbed by it.

24. Honor holds no sake. It is open to all who embrace it.

25. Command thy self. Be a man in todays time, embrace the now. Do not languish in a past that is impossible to recreate. It is wasteful.

26. In battle, understand the way of the bait. Be the tactician not the drone. Retreat is not cowardice, it is cunning. Like a spider to a fly, understand this and win the day.

27. Never fight. Those who choose fighting are easily vanquished. Their willingness to engage is their downfall. Be the hunter, hunters do not fight, they finish!

28. If battle ensues, use your wit. To stubbornly remain in a no-win fray is the first step to extinction for you and your kindred. Be smart, use cunning.

29. Nobility is an ancient caste that holds merit for only those who place that crown by their own hand. It is a tradition of the ancients and so there shall it remain.

30. Those who do not understand the scope of evil hold no love in their hearts. Avoid them, they come with full cup and closed mind to steal that which you know is good.

31. Life is a battle, understand that and choose wisely which forest you invade.

32. Hold no conversation with men who take your beliefs and twist
them. Sit with no man who believes his path is pure and his skin color superior. He is a fool!

33.Be humble of character, warm of heart and kind. You will know when it is time to flip the coin and unleash the beast.

34. Honor thy wife and children. Honor your kindred who have gone before. Speak no ill will towards the dead.

35. Believe how you will. All good men must do this as similarities in the old ways hold more truth than fallacy.

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