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THE WISDOM OF ... Helio Gracie

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Helio Gracie's 10 Words of Wisdom

Grandmaster Gracie used 10 words which he used more than any others in teaching his beloved Jiu-jitsu. These 10 words are powerful, empowering, inspirational as well as impactful.

Check them out:

  1. Disciplina (Discipline) - The only way to the top.
  2. Alavanca (Leverage) - The secret ingredient of GJJ.
  3. Respeito (Respect) - Hard to earn, easy to lose.
  4. Paciencia (Patience) - Lose this, lose everything.
  5. Saude (Health) - The Gracie Diet
  6. Eficiencia (Efficiency) - The way of the wise warrior.
  7. Tecnica (Technique) - He who has the most wins.
  8. Lealdade (Loyalty) - To your people and your principles.
  9. Coragem (Courage) - Helio Gracie vs Masahiko Kimura
  10. Familia (Family) - By Blood or by Sweat

In some ways, these Words of Wisdom can be described as Grandmaster Gracie, what the Japanese call "Bushido" - his code of honor. The Chinese call it "Wude" (Martial Morality).

Are any of these Words in your "Wisdom"?

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