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Vunak's Top 50 Combat Secrets Ch. 37

Chapter 37 – The Prolific Primordial Rear Naked Choke

In the world of grappling or street fighting in general, getting to someone’s back(hooks in the full Monty) and choking them out is like a hole in one. It is the proverbial home run of mono-e-mono. I don’t know why this is exactly, I didn’t make up the rules, but clearly during a fight or a tournament any educated crowd comes to their feet when someone busts a move to someone else’s back. If you think about it it is probably the most emotionally vulnerable position one could ever be in. When your opponent has skill-fully found their way to your back and has their hooks sunk in like an Alabama tick. His arms are wrapped around your neck, constricting your air flow, and for a brief moment, perhaps just a brief moment one has the realization that not only is this fella going to beat you if he wants… He could also rape you. Hell even the name must give homophobes night mares(rear naked choke). So without any further adieu, please let me share with you my favorite two rear naked chokes.

From the top position:

When one gets to the back of a competent opponent from the top position the person on the bottom will turtle up. In other words pop up like a turtle and cover the neck. It is a most common error, for even some black belts to try to go for a choke on an opponent when he is still in the turtle position. He will be able to unhook you and do a shoulder shiver, and you will slide right off his back. In lieu of this I highly recommend once the hooks are in you apply a rear bear hug, under the opponents armpits, counter grabbing your own hand. Now… arch your back, straighten out your legs, and your will flatten this fella out like a pancake.

Step 2. While keeping one hundred percent pressure on your locked out legs, let go of your bear hug, descend a vertical elbow on the back of his head, three times in a row, not if… when… he reaches up with both hands to protect his head, insert your arm for the classic rear naked choke. Checkmate !

Rear Naked Choke from the bottom position:

Sometimes when we are crafty enough to get to the opponents back, he ends up on top of us. Since this is not our preferred position, it is always best to try and role over to take the top(When one is on the bottom, if the opponent spins he is now in the guard. When one is on top and if the opponent spins one is now mounted).

Some folks have a natural base, they are bigger and stronger than you and they feel you trying to role them towards the bottom. They will spread their legs and arch their back and the two of you can find that you are at an impasse, mutually draining energy. This is when you simply straighten out your hooks and start playing babalu on his groin with your heels. After a few solid heel shots to the groin, not if but when, he puts his hands down to protect those little family jewels, we simply take one of our legs and hook his arm like a chimpanzee. Now simply apply your rear naked choke. (And just before he is about to pass out, if you want you can execute what we call the Rickson option. What is the Rickson option ? I’ll end this weeks column with a quote. “Of my 400 street fights, I have won 3 fourths of them with a rear naked choke. And before each one of those 300 people went to sleep, I whispered in their ear, “what does it feal like to Die ?”.” – Rickson Gracie)

I will be reviewing both of these techniques in this Tuesday Night’s Class.

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